Pray to (God)
my Father

who hears your prayers
and rewards them openly.
Let your prayers be said
like this:


"Father God in heaven,

Holy is your name.
May the whole world come to know that
you are the one true God.
May your kingdom dwell with us, and
your will be done here on earth
even as it is in heaven.
Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our wrongs, even as we forgive those who have harmed and misused us.
Keep us from sin (from falling into faithless habits and losing contact with you)
and deliver us from evil.
The kingdom of heaven and all power is yours, and to you is owed our heart's gratitude and praise,
forever and ever. So be it.
Amen." *

* Jesus gave his followers this example of how to pray.
He went on to tell them that prayer should not be merely
memorized words said over and over, but should be the
true expression of the heart, spoken to God who is a
loving and present heavenly Father.

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"Prayer is a space not bound by location,   geography, or status, a place we enter at our   own peril, for it houses God, and during those   few moments of one's presence there, and   what is there will most surely change   everything that comes into it. Ever traveling   as we travel, moving as we move, prayer   grips like home, until the heart belongs   nowhere else and the body can scarcely   function apart from them both. Prayer is   dangerous and the entrance way to   wholeness."  - PHYLISS TICKLE

"God speaks in the silence of the heart.   Listening is the beginning of prayer."

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