I am the good shepherd. I know my flock and they know me. I gladly give my life for them.

My sheep recognize my voice. I give them eternal life. They shall never be destroyed.
I am the good shepherd who gives my life for my sheep and call them each by name.

  I gladly give my life for you. You will know my voice. I give you eternal life. You shall never be destroyed. I am the good shepherd who gives my life for you. I call you by name.

The earth is full of destruction, death, and evil, but I have come to undo the curse, so you (who hear these words) may be blessed and find the (true) meaning of life.

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things Jesus
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his father (God), and
a new way of life...

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"The whole Christ seeks after each sinner,   and when He finds us, he gives himself to   that one soul as if he had but that one soul to   care for. How my heart loves the concen-     tration of God's humanity seen in Jesus, in   his untiring search after each sheep of his   flock."- CHARLES SPURGEON

"To the artist He is the one altogether lovely,   and to the educator He is the master teacher.   To the philosopher He is the wisdom of God,   and to the lonely He is a brother; to the   sorrowful, a comforter to the bereaved, the   resurrection and the life. And to the sinner he   is the not only the good and caring shepherd   of the soul, the one who goes in search of the   sheep that is lost, but the very 'Lamb of God'   who takes away the sin from the world." 

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