Unless you change your ways (turn from your old ways of doing things)...you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. You cannot allow two masters to rule your life. Either you will rebel against one and love the other; or respect one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and remain a slave to the ways (gods) of this world.

The Son of God was sent to the world to save all that are lost: for it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven, that even the least (poorest, most despised) among you remain outside of the kingdom.

This is the way to eternal life...
Know the only true God and Jesus Christ, the one sent to you by God. Receive my words into your heart. For God so loved the world that he offered his only Son a living sacrifice, that whoever believes in him will not perish, but be made new and have everlasting life.

God loved us so much he gave his only son
(as a sacrifice for us, taking our place).
Whoever believes in His Son shall not die,
but receive everlasting life.
Do you believe this?

meditation on these words
"My life will never be the same if I hold on to these truths and teachings and act on them, my  understanding of God will make all things new
. Because I live in this belief, my life here will
be new, like a new birth, and I will share in the life to come.

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things Jesus
said about himself,
his father (God), and
a new way of life...

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"He became what WE are so that He can
  can make us what HE is." - St. Athanasius

"Walking life's narrow road,
  We long for something more.
  There is a future waiting for us,
  A place along heaven's shore.
  We have this promise, we keep
  In our heart. The words of our
  Master, give us hope,
 That will never depart."


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