Inside the Villa Carlotta in Hollywood
5959 Franklin Avenue, Apartment 105, Hollywood, California 90068

Entrance to the Villa Carlotta from 5959 Franklin Avenue and the mail boxes.

Details from the interior lobby of the Carlotta - the decorative ceiling in the front entrance, and the
comfortable lobby area that faces the garden, with overstuffed couches and tables. Most of the interior pieces a
re fom old 20th Century Fox film props, dating back to the 1940's.

View of garden from the lobby through the large windows (above right) with grand piano.

Looking up at the building from the interior courtyard garden. Windows to the 105 apartment are seen through the branches, and if you can see the arched windows on the ground floor, just behind the ferns and branches, these are the large arched windows in the living room downstairs. At right (above) is a detail from the library in the entrance. There is also a nice fireplace in the lobby, which is pleasant on winter days.

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